Facing the challenges of health, wellbeing and healthcare

Delta Public Health Consulting is a solution-focused consultancy group which can support both public and third sector organisations to address current and future challenges. We make sense of complexity.

Change has never been so present or so rapid

We are challenged by demographic change, tighter resources and greater expectations of the public sector. Fundamentally, we need to support population health improvement and service improvement – at the same time.

Organisations and teams are taking radical new directions

Across local government, health care services, the voluntary and community sectors in England and in Australia, Delta supports the development of local and meso-level organisations in the context of ‘whole systems’ of care.

Working with health care or other provider organisations we place the patient or client at the centre. Working at population level, we have a keen eye for health inequalities, the seldom-heard, and equity of access.

Experience across two systems allows us to ask the right questions, and helps keep our thinking fresh and imaginative, and ensures we are aware of the latest innovative approaches.

Investing in learning is resource well-deployed

Ongoing learning underpins all effective public health practice, and Delta promotes an ethos of organisational and individual learning. We believe that investing in learning provides dividends in sustainable solutions, for the most enduring and ‘wicked’ problems, and help organisations keep their best people.

Dr Eugenia Cronin
Consultant in Public Health
PO Box 74156, London SE24 4BS

07957 655 517